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Chapel History

The Old Boys committed themselves to the funding of the present Chapel at the 1909 farewell to Headmaster, Walter Empson. The foundation stone was laid at Easter 1911 and was inscribed, “This Chapel has been built by Old Boys...thankful for the past and hopeful for the future”.  From the laying of the foundation stone at the new Liverpool Street site to the Chapel’s completion in 1912 took less than a year.

A Committee, established in 1911, ensured the decoration of the somewhat austere structure and, also, it incorporated a living memorial to those Old Boys lost in the Great War.  This enabled the east (Altar) window to be installed in 1919 and oak panelling to be progressed. The students at that time paid for the panelling behind the Altar and the Sanctuary, which is a memorial to the seven masters who had died in that conflict. In 1926, the substantial Pipe Organ was installed by the NZ/Scottish firm of Lawton & Osborne.

When the Chapel was renovated, extended and earthquake strengthened in the 1980s, the Old Boys, with significant help from the Parents and Friends of the School, funded the work, giving this wonderful historically significant building a new
lease of life.



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