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Chapel Centenary

2012 marked the centennial of the dedication of the present Wanganui Collegiate School Chapel. The Old Boys committed to building the new Chapel at the 1909 farewell to Walter Empson and the foundation stone was laid at Easter 1911 inscribed, "this Chapel has been built by Old Boys ... thankful for the past and hopeful for the future"

A Chapel Centenary Committee has been established to both organise this significant celebration and to ensure the Chapel’s future as a noteworthy heritage building at the heart of the Collegiate School’s daily life.

Easter 2011 marked the Centenary of the laying of the foundation stone of the Chapel, subsequently built by the Old Boys and wider school community as a gift to the new school, at the request of retiring Headmaster, Walter Empson. The Centenary of its completion and Dedication was celebrated in August 2012.

The Chapel remains a special place not only for Old Boys and Girls of the Collegiate School, parents and friends of the school but also the wider Whanganui Community. Presently, there are regular Services held there during the week and on Sundays. Numerous community events also take place in the building, as well as the nationally recognised Wanganui Festival of Pipe-Organ Music, based at the school, which since 2004 has routinely brought many notable International world-class performers to the city and school.

To ensure the continuation of this intrinsic facet of Collegiate school life, the Committee has researched the current needs of the Chapel, and has concluded that both the Chapel itself and the 1926 Pipe-Organ are in immediate need of restoration and preservation.

Should you have any questions please call either Gordon Craig (Chairman) on 06 3457029 or Rev Richard Evans (Secretary) on 06 3490210 (ext 816).


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